Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice Sledding

I took the kids to the Ice Park today. It was a lot of fun and the perfect time to go, since most people don't know it's open yet. Jadon absolutely loved it and said nothing but "more, more, more" the entire time we were there. Jace on the other hand insisted on going down without a sled and walked around with a grumpy face the whole time. But of course, me being the mean mama that I am, I made Jace ride down with me in a sled. When Grandma asked him if he had fun, he cried "yeeeeesss", as if it was the most painful thing he had ever been through. But my theory on life is, almost everything is worth trying once, because if you don't, you'll never know what you could be missing out on. Overall it was a great, warm, beautiful day out with the kids and friends!

On the airplane with the boys~

Monkey lovin it!~

Makin Jace try it with a sled~

Jadon being silly~

Bry with Kenny, Fiona and Jadon~

Monkey and I~

The boys on the Whale~

Love this one! Bry with Fiona and Jadon the two that just couldn't get enough of it!~

Me with Fiona, Jadon and Holden~

Fiona with the Train, she's such a cutie!

The big kids~

Bry and I with our kids~

The boys in front of a wall of Ice~

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sibling love

The boys spend a lot of time playing with the babies, which is a huge help to me! They are all so cute together and spend most of their time together laughing like crazy.

The boys putting on a show for the babies after lunch~

Jadon and Bryce playing~

Not doing much of anything but enjoying each others company~

A lot of sharing goes on in this house!~

Sharing a toy yet again~

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Racing Taggers

The boys favorite things to do these days is play tag and race bikes on the deck. They just run and run and run laps around the kitchen island and expect you to do it as long as they do! That's when it hits me that I am getting old. They always say "mama run!" or growl at me since that's what I do when I chase them.

Playing Tag~


Jacey tring to get away~


Havin some fun on a warm day~



Silly guys~

They like the deep snow now~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Splish Splash we was takin a BIG bath!

"It's a little crowded in here!"

"Get me outta here!"

"I don't like it Mama"

"Hey, it's a lot better than being wombmates"

"I say we blow this joint bro and get otta here"

"This guys thinks he's Baby Houdini"

"This is kinda fun!"

"I could wiggle my way out
if I REALLY want to"

Triple the babies, Triple the fun,
here we are soakin in the tub!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Babies first Super Bowl Party

Every year we go to our friends annual Super Bowl Party. They've been having one for about 30 years now and it's a blast! There's crazy amounts of food, beer, TVs and more food! Lots of people and kids running wild. Not to mention the noise level is surprisingly louder than my house usually is. Plus there are $2, $5, $10 & $20 boards, none of which we won on tonight and spent a good amount of money on.....but we won't highlight on that since we had a great time and the game was great this year by the way! The kids did very well though and the babies are finally getting into the groove of being a part of our family. We are the kind of parents that take our kids almost everywhere, even when it would be easier to just give in to their crying and protesting of not wanting to sleep somewhere unfamiliar. But tonight they made it easy on us and went right to sleep. Here are a few pics of the babies first Super Bowl and the boys 3rd.....

Miguel & I with the kids~
My friend Bry and I with our kids~
Me & the Babes~