Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeding 3 goes something like this.....

I use one bowl, one spoon and place all of them in front of me. It's the fastest easiest way to get the job done. The babies have all hit a milestone and are holding their own bottles now.

Feeding time upstairs~
Feeding time downstairs~
The babes~
One more random picture of all the kids. Brycee baby is just huge weighing 18lbs 12 oz at 7 months(5 adjusted), following is Alina weighing 17 lbs 9 oz and Camron my lil man at 16 lbs 2 oz.

Check Spelling

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


-Gather everything needed-
3 paci's
3 pre-made bottles
extra bottle liners
3 bibs
1 jug of baby milk to go
2 sippy cups
3 baby fruits and a spoon
6 diapers(2 changes per baby)
2 Elmo undies
2 extra jeans and 3 extra sleepers(in case of accidents)
5 snowsuits
5 sets of gloves, boots and hats
3 blankets
3 sleds
All of mom's snow gear and purse

-Put new diapers on babies
-Have the boys go potty one last time
-Dress all 5 kids in snow gear
-Load babies in car seats
-Double check list

~All ready to go!~

-Load all kids in truck
-Put sleds in truck
-Do a head count
-Head out and think about everything I forgot

~Locked and Loaded~


-Arrive at desired location(aka~where the help is)
-Unload all the kids and put in sleds
-Enjoy the warm weather and quietness(yes, it does exist!)

~3 moms, 9 kids and 2 more on the way.....NOT IT!!!!!~

~My Precious Cargo~

~My big boys growing out of their baby sleds~

-Head back to the truck
-Reload the kids
-Do a final head count
-Head to Grandma's house for some spoiling!

~The Choo-Choo Sled~

Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to being a home owner!

Like I said before, we have been having issues with our home. We just bought the house a couple of months ago. We usually spend the evenings after the kids are asleep fixing it up, painting it and what not. Lately it seems as though we are just trying to maintain it! This is a picture of the babies room where after a leaking valve from the upstairs bathroom damaged the sheet rock.

What started out as this~
Turned into an entire wall being ripped out, half the ceiling and part of the bathroom wall~

I had to put the babies in with the boys in their room because I couldn't get the cribs out of the door. I only had 1 pack-n-play here(the other 2 were at Grandma's) and the one I did have was being stored under the crib which was where all of the water damage was, so it was airing out. I put the crib mattresses on the floor in the boys room and put the gate system around them, which of course the boys climbed and thought it was fun to jump on the mattresses with the babies on them. I spent most of the night awake checking on the babies, which brought back horrible memories of when they weren't sleeping through the night, yikes! Anyway, thankfully we have all of the pnp's up and in use and everything is flowing again.

Camron asleep on the floor/mattress the first night~

Babies sleeping in the kitchen we should be ripping out, but instead we're replacing sheet rock~

I also have a couple of prayer request for all of you believers.....My brother-n-law just lost his brand new baby girl. Please pray for him and his family. Also a close friend of mine just gave birth to their first child. He is having some breathing issues and is in the NICU. He was a full term baby so they are not sure what is wrong with him. Thanks!

Everything is melting!

After being at 40 below for several weeks now, it feels like summer outside! That's because it has warmed up over 80 degrees in less than a week here and it is freakin awesome!!!!! For those of you who have never been to Alaska, Fairbanks has the widest temperature span in the world, ranging from 66 below in the winter and can get up to 100 degrees in the summer! I am so ready for summer to be here I can hardly wait! Today was the babies first walk outside(other than going to appointments). It was great, granted we looked like a circus act, but I don't care! I won't be house bound with 5 kids, so out we will go! I pushed a double with a wagon tied to my waste and my friend Bry pushed a double with her son packed on her back.....

All ready to go~

Sleeping Beauties~

All of us~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2 down 3 to go.....

Today was a great day in the Borges household! We spent it at the Play Place with friends, then went to Great Grandma's and finally ended it at home where the boys FINALLY poo'd in the potty! The journey towards potty training has finally come to an end with them and they are officially Big Boys! YAY! Now we only have 3 in diapers!!!

The boys eating their reward of M&M's~

So proud of themselves~

It's quite a site watching 2 mom's walk in with 8 kids. My friend Simone, leads the pack with a car seat in one arm, diaper bag over the shoulder, while holding hands with the first of the 5 "big kids" who are all holding hands, while I follow behind with 2 car seats and a diaper bag making sure no child is left behind.....

The "big kids" ~ Jace, Jadon, Lily, Amy & Hendrick

All 8 kids ~ Amy(4), Jadon & Jace (almost 3), Lily & Hendrick(2), Alina Bryce and Camron(7 months)

Monday, January 12, 2009

If this is how this week is going to be too, then I'd prefer to just skip it this time.

I woke up this morning not ready to get out of bed, to find all 5 kids having had exploding know the kind that is up the back, up the front and down the legs. First things first, the boys are thrown into the tub and as it filled I ran down to change the babies out of their ca-ca filled clothes too. After I changed Camron, I had to run back upstairs to check on the boys, who were sitting in water full of floating was a little more than I can bare so I took them out, let the tub drain, cleaned it out and refilled it before running back down to take care of baby # 2.....then back up stairs to the fighting children, to get Jace out of the tub and dressed. Last but not least was Alina, who being the sweetheart that she is, didn't make a peep while laying in her sopping clothes that smelled like rotten fish guts......I just don't get it, all they eat is baby oatmeal and baby can you create such a vomit provoking bowel movement?? While setting up the babies with their bottles(yes, I am one of THOSE bottle propping mama's), I could hear Jadon's very familiar "I'm getting in trouble" laugh and thought "well the bathroom floor needs to be cleaned anyway".....I returned to find that Jadon so very kindly dumped half of the tub onto the bathroom floor.....oh well, what's one more mess when you have 50 to clean up during the day anyway? And no, I don't usually have my toddlers taking a bath by themselves on one floor, while I attend to babies on another.....we are having issues with our house, and the tub downstairs is the least of our problems. As if Miguel's plate isn't full enough already, being the sole provider for 9 people and going to school 3 days a week, with a 4th day added in during the vomit fest, a broken car heater, an overdue oil change, electrical issues and a leaking pipe at 40 below, is just a few too many things if you ask me. Well, not all was bad last week. I did win $100 at Bingo.....although I did have to split it with some Cancer Seeking Individual in the Smoking Section. I mean what's wrong with that lady.....doesn't she know we have 7 little mouths to feed, sheesh! For those of you who don't know, Miguel has 10 year old twin daughters from a previous marriage.....and no, he is not a Multiple Making God. All of the kids are fraternal, meaning more than one egg was produced, which means they can only be caused by the mother's body. Okay, so now that we're done with that little lesson on Fertility 101, let's move on to a picture....This is the reason I shouldn't be on the computer while the kids are awake. But thankfully, right now I have the babies in jumpers, while the babysitter(tv) watches the that I can fill all of you lovely people in on my oh so wonderful, aren't you jealous of me and my chaos filled life.

While I was on the computer a couple of days ago, the boys we're a little to impatient while waiting for the Pizza, so they decided to help themselves to the uncooked Pizza.....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Can we take the pink one home Mommy?"

One of my very best friends has a 4 year old daughter. She is a sweetheart and very well mannered. A few months ago they came to visit and before leaving she says to her mom "Can we take the pink one home Mommy?" (Thus the reason for my blog title) I absolutely love the innocence of a child. They say things from their heart, never worrying about what someone may think of them. Recently the boys have been much more expressive and have started expanding their vocabulary. I was watching a show the other day and a commercial came on with a crazy dinosaur chasing kids around a birthday party. Jadon turned and said "uh-oh mama what happen?" and just today he was watching a Scholastic preschool video where a rooster was taking a walk and the fox was chasing him. Jadon wanted to know what the fox was doing. It just made me realize that the boys are growing out of the toddler stage. They want to know everything and are constantly asking what things are and why they are happening. It makes me sad, but I know it's part of life. I have this huge fear that it's all going to go by way to fast.....although, I am trying to be present and enjoy it. On a funnier note.....I got out of the shower the other day and Jace walks in the room and yells "MAMA BIG BUTT!" Ah.....just another sore reminder that I need to get my big ol butt back on the treadmill! Then I was changing Alina's diaper and of course he wants to know where her "wee-wee" was.....a few seconds later he yells out "DADDY BIG WEE-WEE" for no reason at all.....I guess it's about time to stop letting them see us naked after showers huh? Sometimes I don't know where they come up with the things they do!

Well, we made it out of the house yesterday and over to a friends house. On our way, the sun was out so I decided to take a detour around town so I could enjoy the very little amount of sun we have this time of year while the kids napped. Every time I would enter a dense patch of ice fog, I found myself saying "don't leave me" to the setting was a very desperate moment, but I enjoyed every minute of it to say the least. We finally arrived at my girlfriends house and got everyone's quite a task unloading and loading 5 kids at -40, which is the reason we don't get out often right now. Anyway.....we hadn't even been there but 5 min and Camron was being cranky. I could suddenly feel is tiny tummy going into spasms and I rushed him to the toilet as I new what was next to come. Thankfully everything made it in the toilet, as I held his mere 15 lb body over the bowl. I walked back into the living room where the carpet was covered in vomit. I saw that Alina was missing along with my girlfriend and I thought "Dear God is this ever going to end?!" Nope, today's not the end in site either.....Jace had just finished sharing a pack of m&m's with me and suddenly starts in with his whiny "I'm going to be sick" cry(funny how as a mom you know what's wrong with your child by the sound of their cry) and as he cries "mouth, mouth", we run to the bathroom where he thankfully made it just in time. Well, maybe tomorrow will be the day? Until then, we are off to play Bingo tonight, with our unmarried, childless friends who remind us of what freedom is.....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's -40 and I haven't left the house in 6 days!

That's 40 below.....not minus 40, you don't say plus 40 do you? Of course not.....

So, like I was saying, its freakin cold in this "Great state of Alaska" Gov Palin would say.....and although on an average day I would agree, I beg to differ being that we have been at these temps for almost 2 weeks now and I have not left my house in 6 days! Yes, I am going a little crazy! On top of that, the kids and I have all been very sick with a stomach virus. I have never seen so much vomit and diarrhea in my life.....and just when I think we are all finally over it, Alina projectile vomits across the room. Yuck, yuck, yuck.....if it's one thing I can't stand it's being thrown up on and the smell of diapers that make you want to vomit yourself!(and yes they've made me). I know a lot of you are laughing and thinking "suck it up, there's a lot more of that to come" Well, ewww, it's still completely disgusting to me and so not what I signed up for, that's what nurses do! Okay, well maybe I didn't read the fine print on the fertility drugs and yes, I am a little bitter that I am not being paid to clean it up.....BUT, I am ready to order a gas mask and one of those white hazardous material outfits on EBAY. Anyway, I've had enough of this being trapped with 5 wild monkeys for far too long now, so I am venturing out into the frozen north for the next 2 days with all of the kids in tow.....please say a little prayer that we come back with all 50 fingers and toes.