Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Borges Bros.(and sister) - The cutest show on Earth!

We like to take walks around the neighborhood, and of course we put on a show. Tonight we had everything from stares, laughing, pointing, clapping and even had someone come back around for a second look. While we were pointing at the people on the motorcycle, they were pointing at us, and had to come back and see the Act up close and personal.

Our Circus on Wheels~ Okay boys, just bring 'em back before bed time...~ Hmmm....lets ride on the side of the wagon
"all this performing is exhausting!"

Monday, April 27, 2009

Knotty Shop

We took the kids to the Knotty Shop this weekend. It's the best place you can get homemade Ice Cream in Alaska! It's a little tourist attraction and boy did those tourist get a little more sight seeing then they were expecting.....all eyes were on the "people over there who have twins AND triplets".

Brycee's Ice Cream face~

The family eating Ice Cream~

Puddle time!~

Jace, soaking wet and loving it!~

Watch out now, I have flying Monkey's and I'm not afraid to use them!~
The Trio watching the action~It's really hard to get 2 3 yr olds to sit down for pictures when they have been given permission to freely jump in puddles!~
Cam and Daddy~

The babies with Alaska's state bird, "The Mosquito"
"Don't worry brother, I will save you from that big ugly bird"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Julia Laurel

In our family, we have had 11 babies born in the last 4 years. Funny thing is half of them are mine! They are literally born every 10 months, with the newest addition being born yesterday, my niece, Julia Laurel.
My sister with her baby girls, Jaiya and Julia~

I love new babies, as long as I'm not the one having them anymore! ;)~

Another girl, really?!~

Jadon with Julia. "Wanna hold baby mama!"~

He loves babies~

6 0f the 11 cousins born in the last 4 years

Monday, April 20, 2009

Can't miss a beat!

Camron insists on eating his bottle upright. No matter how many times you flip him over, if there is too much going on around him, he's gotta see it! And don't you dare try to hold this wild little monkey while he eats. He will start screaming and arching his back as though your trying to force feed him. He just doesn't want to miss a thing!

"Ah, I'm trying to eat here!" "As long as I can see, I'm good to go!"

Wachin big brothers jump around~

"Just a few more sips and I'll be back to playin!"He is my wild child, but awfully cute though!~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tough just like her mama ;)

No need to worry about this little girl. She is one tough cookie already! She's such a sweetheart and very easy going, although you wouldn't know it from first seeing her. Most of the time she is straight faced starin you down, but the moment she does smile, her whole face lights up....then it's right back down to business! No need for given out these precious smiles for free! She can hold her own and often puts the boys in their place. You can usually find her taking toys from them and will even crawl over to snatch a pacifier out of Cam or Bryce's mouth and crawl off with it in her own, all while given them a "what's your problem you big baby" look. She'll even stare her daddy down when he comes home from work each day, until he starts sweet talkin her that is. But believe me, she makes him work for it!

"What are you lookin at?"

"You want somethin from me?"

"What' so funny?" Our tough little princess~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mama's Boy

Guess who was the first to say it? Nope, not my sweet little jabber jaws, Lina.....but my little Cam Cam. Yep, he crawled right over to me, pulled up to the couch and said it clear as day "Mama"......that little boy can have a cookie anytime he wants from now on ;)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Deck

In my opinion, having a deck in Alaska is a must! It's a true necessity and an extender to our very short summer season. As you can see in the background we still have massive amounts of snow still melting from winter. But because of our deck we are able to enjoy being outdoors where the kids can play while we grill and relax. We spend nearly every day outdoors.

Bryce's first bubble experience~
The three things I hear all day long is "bow bubbas mama, bow mow bubbas"..... "wanna wide wed nomacine mama, wanna wide daddy's wed nowmacine!"(red snowmachine)......weddo wide, wanna wide weddo wide wit daddy mama!"(yellow 4 wheeler).....ALL DAY LONG!!! When Miguel comes home for lunch or after work they yell at him "Poo Poo Potty Daddy!!!!" the moment he walks in the door, then it's on to the ridding the toys and hounding him about it, just as they do to me.

Last ride of the season, putting the sleds away. Now all we hear is "when dars gween gwass wide detski"....I think were going to sell all the toys....

Jadon being a typical boy always thinking of crazy things to try. He is constantly covered in cuts and bruises, already has holes in his jeans at the age of 3 and thinks farts are funny.....hmmm, a lot like someone else I know, only there's 29 years between them...
Look at the bruiser he's got right smack in the middle of his forehead. It lasted him a week and I still don't know where he got it from~
Jace in his favorite shirt that he insists on wearing every day! I've learned to pick my battles, and this ISN'T one of them!~ Bryce who is usually amused by pretty much everything!~
The kids~
Such serious faces~
Bubble fun~
A couple of randoms of our starting 5~

Jammie time.....one of our favorite times of the day :)~

Monday, April 13, 2009

Arctic Man 2009

For those of you who don't know what Arctic Man is, it's an event that happens every year in Alaska in April. The event becomes the 3rd largest city in Alaska for one week, where about 15,000 people gather for snowmachining, snowboarding, skiing, snow cross, races and 1 huge party! There is nothing like it! Next year we are hoping to start bringing the kids.

Front row seating, waiting for Snow-cross to start~

A little to much partyin last night boys? -Ryan and Miguel patiently sleeping, I mean waiting for the races to start~

Snow-cross Hmmmm......is this going to be our boys in about 5 years?? The babies on their little 50cc sleds.....so stinkin cute!~

Need a ride? Pick a ride, any ride!~

Miguel & Ayana~ Who knew you could
buy the best Smoothie ever in the middle of nowhere?~
Even the Easter bunnies love Arctic Man!~ There is a bus that runs through the camp grounds to help prevent "drinking and riding"

Who ever said Sleds can't fly?!~