Tuesday, March 24, 2009

First day of Preschool~

The boys had their first day of preschool today. It seems like just yesterday I was in school. It really does fly by too fast! They did great though and surprisingly jumped in like they've been attending it for years now. Maybe it's because of all the talks I have had with them over the last few months, they've been so excited about it. They didn't even want to stop for a pic outside, they just wanted to "go to school!" They warmed up quickly though and Jace was completely comfortable even teasing his teacher about stuff. Their teacher is great and everyone raves about how good this school is which makes me feel at ease. Here's a picture of the boys they were too anxious to stop and take and other ones of the kids in shirts my mom bought them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I secretly love it more than him

We've been talking about it all winter long. My prayers have been answered. No it's not a chef, but close enough and will relieve me of my cooking dinner responsibilities. Why you ask? Because I don't grill! If it's a "man's grill"..... it's a MANS JOB! ;) Yes!!! Now, if I could just get a housekeeper.....

Gas+Charcoal+Smoker+ hubby that can grill= Perfection

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9 MONTHS AND COUNTING.....(7 adjusted)

19 lbs 5 oz
Blue eyes, Blond hair,
Crawling and pulling up to everything
Demands all attention from everyone in the room if she has been hurt in the slightest way

19 lbs 15 oz
Hazel/Brown eyes, brown hair
Crawling and attempting to pull up to things
Demands that ALL food be shared with him

18 lbs 1 oz
Blue eyes, dark blond hair
Crawling and pulling up to everything
Demands every ones attention the moment he enters a room with immediate squawking

Friday, March 6, 2009

3 years already? Really?

It seems like yesterday when I saw them for the first time. I remember them holding Jadon up and thinking "He looks just like me!" and then there was my sweet chunky Jacey at nearly 8 lbs with a little grumpy look on his face saying "Why'd ya take me out? I was eating quite well in there!" ....uh-huh, who doesn't love coconut cream pie?!

The first night I got to spend with the boys. They were my sleeping angels~

One of my favorites of them, I hope they are always this close!~

I remember this night clearly. They were so beautiful I couldn't stop taking pictures of them. This was the night I began hemmoraghing and because of how cute they looked, it's probably what saved my life by keeping me awake long enough to know what was going on.

1st birthday- Now that's how you eat a cake!~

On their second birthday, Jadon Broke his foot and was in a cast up to his thigh. That was tough! I was pregnant with the triplets and measuring full term while I had to carry a 35 lb toddler around for 6 weeks on top of the load I was already carrying!

Here they are on their 3rd birthday, do you see a theme here? Everyday all day, they insist on running naked through the house, I am constantly fighting them over it. Miguel always says they are going to join a nudist colony someday.

They love to stand on the back of the couch in our large living room window and wave goodbye to whomever leaves. The bad part is when I have to call my husband from the driveway and say, "Can you please get the naked children out of the window?!"

Nothing like a little chocolate powdered milk to end a birthday with, right?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Sitting Teethers are Crawling!!!

Watch out now! The babies are on the move! All of them! Which means I have about 2 days to get this place baby proofed! With 5 of them terrorising this house and only one of me, I am surly in trouble! They are all sitting unassisted and Bryce has popped 2 teeth in the last week, while the other 2 still smile the same ol', cute toothless grins. A lot is happening right now and I am just trying to keep up and enjoy it because it's flying by way to fast! They are so stinkin cute, you can't help but want to just kiss on their squishy little cheeks!! I can't resist 'em anyway! This is one of those stages that I would recommend EVERYONE have triplets! HA!.....although the carrying process ain't so much fun, they are OH SO WORTH IT!!! I have been looking forward to this stage for a while now.....am I crazy, yes probably.

They are such good babies, really! How blessed am I??~

Sittin pretty.....and handsome~

and they're off.....~

Lina on the move~

Exploring their new world~

Bryce checkin things out~

Alina learning how to play with cars already...that's my girl!~

Cam Cam, he really is as sweet as he looks!~

Wild haired Bryce with his first 2 teeth~

One more random one of my sweet baby doll sleeping~