Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Racing Taggers

The boys favorite things to do these days is play tag and race bikes on the deck. They just run and run and run laps around the kitchen island and expect you to do it as long as they do! That's when it hits me that I am getting old. They always say "mama run!" or growl at me since that's what I do when I chase them.

Playing Tag~


Jacey tring to get away~


Havin some fun on a warm day~



Silly guys~

They like the deep snow now~


Dorinda said...

Finally! I've tried to leave comments before and for some reason have been completely unable :)

I just wanted to say that your kids are adorable and I love how your warm day is covered in snow!! Can you mail me just a little? We've had almost nothing this year :(

Animasters said...

I LOVE the picture of them busting a gut over eachother! That is the way it should always be!