Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Sitting Teethers are Crawling!!!

Watch out now! The babies are on the move! All of them! Which means I have about 2 days to get this place baby proofed! With 5 of them terrorising this house and only one of me, I am surly in trouble! They are all sitting unassisted and Bryce has popped 2 teeth in the last week, while the other 2 still smile the same ol', cute toothless grins. A lot is happening right now and I am just trying to keep up and enjoy it because it's flying by way to fast! They are so stinkin cute, you can't help but want to just kiss on their squishy little cheeks!! I can't resist 'em anyway! This is one of those stages that I would recommend EVERYONE have triplets! HA!.....although the carrying process ain't so much fun, they are OH SO WORTH IT!!! I have been looking forward to this stage for a while I crazy, yes probably.

They are such good babies, really! How blessed am I??~

Sittin pretty.....and handsome~

and they're off.....~

Lina on the move~

Exploring their new world~

Bryce checkin things out~

Alina learning how to play with cars already...that's my girl!~

Cam Cam, he really is as sweet as he looks!~

Wild haired Bryce with his first 2 teeth~

One more random one of my sweet baby doll sleeping~