Friday, March 6, 2009

3 years already? Really?

It seems like yesterday when I saw them for the first time. I remember them holding Jadon up and thinking "He looks just like me!" and then there was my sweet chunky Jacey at nearly 8 lbs with a little grumpy look on his face saying "Why'd ya take me out? I was eating quite well in there!" ....uh-huh, who doesn't love coconut cream pie?!

The first night I got to spend with the boys. They were my sleeping angels~

One of my favorites of them, I hope they are always this close!~

I remember this night clearly. They were so beautiful I couldn't stop taking pictures of them. This was the night I began hemmoraghing and because of how cute they looked, it's probably what saved my life by keeping me awake long enough to know what was going on.

1st birthday- Now that's how you eat a cake!~

On their second birthday, Jadon Broke his foot and was in a cast up to his thigh. That was tough! I was pregnant with the triplets and measuring full term while I had to carry a 35 lb toddler around for 6 weeks on top of the load I was already carrying!

Here they are on their 3rd birthday, do you see a theme here? Everyday all day, they insist on running naked through the house, I am constantly fighting them over it. Miguel always says they are going to join a nudist colony someday.

They love to stand on the back of the couch in our large living room window and wave goodbye to whomever leaves. The bad part is when I have to call my husband from the driveway and say, "Can you please get the naked children out of the window?!"

Nothing like a little chocolate powdered milk to end a birthday with, right?