Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fast Boats & Beautiful Motorcycles

The best entertainment is free!

We took the kids to the Yukon 800 races, which of course, what kid doesn't love watching fast boats go by, so it was a big hit. A little FYI about the races-(The Yukon 800 Mile Marathon, the grandfather of Alaska’s contemporary endurance races dating back 47 years, is a 2-day high speed riverboat race. Run on the Tanana and Yukon Rivers, traveling through hundreds of miles of vast Alaskan wilderness. It is billed as the longest, roughest and toughest speed boat race in the world.
Competitors live in Fairbanks and communities along the rivers, where they build the low-slung 24 foot long boats from scratch. These race boats are powered with 50 horsepower regulation engines that can reach speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour.
The Yukon 800 begins in Fairbanks in late June, around the time of summer solstice, and finishes after 800 grueling miles the next day back in Fairbanks.)

We also took them to the Harley Rally, where there were tons of Motorcycles and free food. They loved it all, and best of all were well behaved. Could two parents have asked for more? Free food, Free entertainment and well behaved children.....were livin the dream.....okay, maybe just our dream ;)

Did you know drooling for men continues well beyond infancy?.....