Monday, August 3, 2009

Quick update to catch up!

I know I haven't posted blogs regularly, but summers in Alaska are just too busy to sit around on a computer all the time! I have tried my best to update as many blogs as I could, but there is just so much that's happened in these few short summer months that if I do them all I will never catch up. So I will summarize what's been going on lately....

1. Brycee our Cowardly Lion, is now walking! Finally, poor guy was getting left in the dust! He is terrified of everything though and is still not able to go down the stairs, so he gets left upstairs by himself a lot. He is finally coming around to taking baths though. He no longer crys the whole time, so maybe there is some hope for him one day liking the least I am hoping so anyway.

2.Camron gave us a huge scare the other day when he got into some lighter fluid. He was rushed by ambulance to the ER where he thankfully progressively got better. It scared the hell out of me though, I really thought that at any minute he would stop breathing. He is fine now and back to his old sneaky little self!

3. The forest fires have been really close to town this year and this last week it was awful. It was like living in a cloud of smoke and the weather was even rated as very unhealthy, almost hazardous! Thankfully we have had rain now and it has cleared up. Hopefully we will end up having a beautiful fall!

4. I've been taking the kids on a lot of bike rides and walks lately, nearly every day, if were not out doing something else and they just absolutely love it!

I told my hubby I wanted him to come up with something so that I could take all the kids for bike rides by myself. It's quite a load, but I am one determined mama! LOL.

On one day we went to Creamers field and the park. That's not overcast in the background, but a layer of smoke covering the city.....that's before it got really bad!
At the park with 5 very dirty kiddos!~

The 6 seater circus mobile I got for $100

5. "My tickers not ticken like they say it should" really my health isn't doing so good though. I found out that I have low vitamin B12.....not a good thing considering the damage low levels can cause to your body. I originally wanted it checked because I have been feeling completely fatigued. Well then I find out that my Aortic and Tricuspid valves have gone from mild to moderate/severe regurgitation. Were in the process of getting a second opinion and to see if the valves can be repaired rather than replaced. I do NOT want to be on a blood thinner for the rest of my life, SCARY! After doing some research I've discovered that my dad who died at 36 did not die of electrical heart problems but instead because of Mitral Valve Regurgitation(same thing I have, just a different valve) I am also starting to find things that show my brother who died at 24, did not die of electrical problems either, but of something structural. This changes the game for me. They died young, very young, so I feel like I am on a time line. Thankfully, I have contact with a great Cardiologist who has contacts with all of the heart Dr.s on the West coast, so he will help me in getting a second opinion and a Cardiothoracic Surgeon, if need be. I will keep you all up to date on what we find out!

6. The kids favorite thing to do is ride the mini 4 wheelers around that my mom bought them. We just hook up the wagon and double up on of the boys with a baby and they all ride around until the 6 batteries we have die, lol! They love it though!

7. I am sure there is so much I forgot and haven't posted, but I just wanted to catch up. Now, were heading into fall. We've got a few trips coming up including White Water Rafting, 4 wheeling in the White Mountains and a camping trip with our friends for Labor Day weekend.....I am so excited about all of it! I will do my best to keep up with the blog as things start to slow down.....wait is that possible with all these kids and heart problems??