Monday, August 31, 2009

Shake your groove thang!

The kids and I are always being silly and laughing throughout a typical day. We love to dance and sing and just goof off. This particular day was hysterical! I don't know why I get such a kick out of telling my kids to dance to booty shaken music, but it is funny!!!
~My little Ethiopian monkey and Jacey balacey~
~Monkey just groovin and Jace shaken it in their new winter hats!~
~I just love these kids, they are so much fun!
~They are in the "take a picture of me" phase and then insist on seeing themselves on the camera, so we take a lot of pictures like this~


Cassie said...

Man, they are Good Looking! :)

Dorinda said...

They are too funny! Such a great age :) Looks like you are having a great summer - I love white water rafting! Glad everyone survived :) Happy September!

Nichole said...

Oh my gosh...your children are beautiful!!!! Love the pics of the boys shakin their groove thang! LOL