Saturday, May 2, 2009

Creamers Field

We took a walk to Creamers Field so all the kids could see the birds that have returned for the summer(they really do fly south all winter from here).

The moms, pushing our Double, Triple and Quad strollers~

Alina, Bryce and Camron with their friends Ciana, Camden and Colten, one of the other sets of triplets born in 2008 in Fairbanks. They usually only happen here once every 7 years, but in 2008 there were 3 sets born(in all of Alaska), all resulting in 2 boys, 1 girl. Each set has 2 blue eyed babies and 1 brown eyed baby and gives each of their mothers only 1 girl.
3 moms with 13 kids between us and 1 more on the way.
Ciana and Alina. They were instantly attached!~Ciana has 5 brothers and Alina 4.....these two had better stick together, someone has to put all those boys in their place!~
The boys running down a trail~

Camron, Bryce and Alina~

Jadon and I~


Nichelle said...

Hey! I think we know each other from Babycenter? Its amazing how these blogs all link us together!! Anyways LOVE the pics with all the babies! I recognized Ciana, Camden & Colten are they Anise's?? From babycenter too!? I always told her someday I'd come to Alaska!!