Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mommy's don't get sick days

Attatck of the Crying Babies!~

So here we are, going through another week of the stomach flu(seems like we just did this a couple of months ago). I can deal with pretty much anything and usually go through it with a pretty good attitude, but NOT when I am sick at the same time as the kids(which is a rarity). Today, I thought I was going to loose my mind(not that I have much of one left anyway). I was up all night, very sick, lost 4 lbs over night and the result is a very over tired, dehydrated, fatigued mommy that has to care for 3 sick babies and 2 demanding toddlers. It was not a good day. About an hr before daddy got off work, all hell had really broke loose. The house was a disaster and I couldn't even think with the noise level as loud as it was. Well, as the babies were attacking me (like in one of those horror movies where the dead start attacking the live), I thought, "I have to escape and I have to do it quickly". So, I climbed over the back of the couch, grabbed my camera, snapped a picture of "pure chaos" that was causing my "temporary insanity", for proof, in case I had completely lost it before the secondary care giver had returned home from work. I figured, if I had the proof, I may actually have a fighting chance in court to get them back from child services when I regained my sanity. But just before leaving my "I quit" note on the door, I came to my senses.....I grabbed a box of Cheerios, threw them on the floor to feed the raging wolves(like I told you, I wasn't in my usual frame of mind) turned Barney up as loud as I could bare(that purple dinosaur has helped me more times than you know) and laid on the floor so they would all stop screaming they could all get the individual attention they needed....need I say more? . As for now, Alina and Cam are still sick with random vomiting and I only had to put Cam in the tub 4 times today for his awful diaper rash, poor baby! Thankfully we are all here and have made it through yet another, Vomit Fest!


Mount Belly Mama said...

Oh, you poor thing! I think you handled yourself really well! Cheerios works every time!

I did have a good laugh at your post. I'm sure you'll laugh later too. :)