Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Can we take the pink one home Mommy?"

One of my very best friends has a 4 year old daughter. She is a sweetheart and very well mannered. A few months ago they came to visit and before leaving she says to her mom "Can we take the pink one home Mommy?" (Thus the reason for my blog title) I absolutely love the innocence of a child. They say things from their heart, never worrying about what someone may think of them. Recently the boys have been much more expressive and have started expanding their vocabulary. I was watching a show the other day and a commercial came on with a crazy dinosaur chasing kids around a birthday party. Jadon turned and said "uh-oh mama what happen?" and just today he was watching a Scholastic preschool video where a rooster was taking a walk and the fox was chasing him. Jadon wanted to know what the fox was doing. It just made me realize that the boys are growing out of the toddler stage. They want to know everything and are constantly asking what things are and why they are happening. It makes me sad, but I know it's part of life. I have this huge fear that it's all going to go by way to fast.....although, I am trying to be present and enjoy it. On a funnier note.....I got out of the shower the other day and Jace walks in the room and yells "MAMA BIG BUTT!" Ah.....just another sore reminder that I need to get my big ol butt back on the treadmill! Then I was changing Alina's diaper and of course he wants to know where her "wee-wee" was.....a few seconds later he yells out "DADDY BIG WEE-WEE" for no reason at all.....I guess it's about time to stop letting them see us naked after showers huh? Sometimes I don't know where they come up with the things they do!

Well, we made it out of the house yesterday and over to a friends house. On our way, the sun was out so I decided to take a detour around town so I could enjoy the very little amount of sun we have this time of year while the kids napped. Every time I would enter a dense patch of ice fog, I found myself saying "don't leave me" to the setting was a very desperate moment, but I enjoyed every minute of it to say the least. We finally arrived at my girlfriends house and got everyone's quite a task unloading and loading 5 kids at -40, which is the reason we don't get out often right now. Anyway.....we hadn't even been there but 5 min and Camron was being cranky. I could suddenly feel is tiny tummy going into spasms and I rushed him to the toilet as I new what was next to come. Thankfully everything made it in the toilet, as I held his mere 15 lb body over the bowl. I walked back into the living room where the carpet was covered in vomit. I saw that Alina was missing along with my girlfriend and I thought "Dear God is this ever going to end?!" Nope, today's not the end in site either.....Jace had just finished sharing a pack of m&m's with me and suddenly starts in with his whiny "I'm going to be sick" cry(funny how as a mom you know what's wrong with your child by the sound of their cry) and as he cries "mouth, mouth", we run to the bathroom where he thankfully made it just in time. Well, maybe tomorrow will be the day? Until then, we are off to play Bingo tonight, with our unmarried, childless friends who remind us of what freedom is.....