Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome to being a home owner!

Like I said before, we have been having issues with our home. We just bought the house a couple of months ago. We usually spend the evenings after the kids are asleep fixing it up, painting it and what not. Lately it seems as though we are just trying to maintain it! This is a picture of the babies room where after a leaking valve from the upstairs bathroom damaged the sheet rock.

What started out as this~
Turned into an entire wall being ripped out, half the ceiling and part of the bathroom wall~

I had to put the babies in with the boys in their room because I couldn't get the cribs out of the door. I only had 1 pack-n-play here(the other 2 were at Grandma's) and the one I did have was being stored under the crib which was where all of the water damage was, so it was airing out. I put the crib mattresses on the floor in the boys room and put the gate system around them, which of course the boys climbed and thought it was fun to jump on the mattresses with the babies on them. I spent most of the night awake checking on the babies, which brought back horrible memories of when they weren't sleeping through the night, yikes! Anyway, thankfully we have all of the pnp's up and in use and everything is flowing again.

Camron asleep on the floor/mattress the first night~

Babies sleeping in the kitchen we should be ripping out, but instead we're replacing sheet rock~

I also have a couple of prayer request for all of you believers.....My brother-n-law just lost his brand new baby girl. Please pray for him and his family. Also a close friend of mine just gave birth to their first child. He is having some breathing issues and is in the NICU. He was a full term baby so they are not sure what is wrong with him. Thanks!