Monday, January 12, 2009

If this is how this week is going to be too, then I'd prefer to just skip it this time.

I woke up this morning not ready to get out of bed, to find all 5 kids having had exploding know the kind that is up the back, up the front and down the legs. First things first, the boys are thrown into the tub and as it filled I ran down to change the babies out of their ca-ca filled clothes too. After I changed Camron, I had to run back upstairs to check on the boys, who were sitting in water full of floating was a little more than I can bare so I took them out, let the tub drain, cleaned it out and refilled it before running back down to take care of baby # 2.....then back up stairs to the fighting children, to get Jace out of the tub and dressed. Last but not least was Alina, who being the sweetheart that she is, didn't make a peep while laying in her sopping clothes that smelled like rotten fish guts......I just don't get it, all they eat is baby oatmeal and baby can you create such a vomit provoking bowel movement?? While setting up the babies with their bottles(yes, I am one of THOSE bottle propping mama's), I could hear Jadon's very familiar "I'm getting in trouble" laugh and thought "well the bathroom floor needs to be cleaned anyway".....I returned to find that Jadon so very kindly dumped half of the tub onto the bathroom floor.....oh well, what's one more mess when you have 50 to clean up during the day anyway? And no, I don't usually have my toddlers taking a bath by themselves on one floor, while I attend to babies on another.....we are having issues with our house, and the tub downstairs is the least of our problems. As if Miguel's plate isn't full enough already, being the sole provider for 9 people and going to school 3 days a week, with a 4th day added in during the vomit fest, a broken car heater, an overdue oil change, electrical issues and a leaking pipe at 40 below, is just a few too many things if you ask me. Well, not all was bad last week. I did win $100 at Bingo.....although I did have to split it with some Cancer Seeking Individual in the Smoking Section. I mean what's wrong with that lady.....doesn't she know we have 7 little mouths to feed, sheesh! For those of you who don't know, Miguel has 10 year old twin daughters from a previous marriage.....and no, he is not a Multiple Making God. All of the kids are fraternal, meaning more than one egg was produced, which means they can only be caused by the mother's body. Okay, so now that we're done with that little lesson on Fertility 101, let's move on to a picture....This is the reason I shouldn't be on the computer while the kids are awake. But thankfully, right now I have the babies in jumpers, while the babysitter(tv) watches the that I can fill all of you lovely people in on my oh so wonderful, aren't you jealous of me and my chaos filled life.

While I was on the computer a couple of days ago, the boys we're a little to impatient while waiting for the Pizza, so they decided to help themselves to the uncooked Pizza.....