Monday, April 27, 2009

Knotty Shop

We took the kids to the Knotty Shop this weekend. It's the best place you can get homemade Ice Cream in Alaska! It's a little tourist attraction and boy did those tourist get a little more sight seeing then they were expecting.....all eyes were on the "people over there who have twins AND triplets".

Brycee's Ice Cream face~

The family eating Ice Cream~

Puddle time!~

Jace, soaking wet and loving it!~

Watch out now, I have flying Monkey's and I'm not afraid to use them!~
The Trio watching the action~It's really hard to get 2 3 yr olds to sit down for pictures when they have been given permission to freely jump in puddles!~
Cam and Daddy~

The babies with Alaska's state bird, "The Mosquito"
"Don't worry brother, I will save you from that big ugly bird"


currlee said...

actually, i believe they sell Cascade icecream at the knotty can buy it at quality sales...its the same stuff hot licks sells as "homemade"...