Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tough just like her mama ;)

No need to worry about this little girl. She is one tough cookie already! She's such a sweetheart and very easy going, although you wouldn't know it from first seeing her. Most of the time she is straight faced starin you down, but the moment she does smile, her whole face lights up....then it's right back down to business! No need for given out these precious smiles for free! She can hold her own and often puts the boys in their place. You can usually find her taking toys from them and will even crawl over to snatch a pacifier out of Cam or Bryce's mouth and crawl off with it in her own, all while given them a "what's your problem you big baby" look. She'll even stare her daddy down when he comes home from work each day, until he starts sweet talkin her that is. But believe me, she makes him work for it!

"What are you lookin at?"

"You want somethin from me?"

"What' so funny?" Our tough little princess~