Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Okay, so I don't like the way this blog is degrading the quality of my pictures from my brand new camera!! Anyway, this is the trip to Anchorage for Jadon and Bryce's heart check-ups. Everything went great and both of the boys will have follow ups next year and the following.

Now, I just have one question and maybe someone out there can help me figure this out. Why, do the airlines give parents of small children "extra time" to board the plane?? I mean, the moment you walk past them they announce to all other passengers to begin boarding. Hello! I've got a stroller to break down, 2 car seats to strap in and a toddler to buckle in along with making sure bottles, sippy cups, snacks and toys are easily accessible, UNLESS the entire plane wants screaming children during the flight! I just want to know.....where is my extra time at?

Excuse us, "wide load" coming through(and I'm not talking about my butt)~

Just 2? No problem!~ I constantly had people saying "you sure have your hands full", to which I just smiled and thought, "you have no idea! I'm on vacation here people!". The funniest(but not surprising) part of the trip was the last day when I had my girlfriends daughter, who is 13 months old with me and the boys. I decided to take the kids out to eat while my girlfriend worked to a restaurant and then out for some shopping. Upon entering the restaurant a young girl(all of 18, now that I am old at 28(sigh) was cleaning the window from the inside. I had an over sized diaper bag over my shoulder along with a car seat, a toddler in the other arm all while holding the hand of my 3 year old. Now, do you think this girl had the common sense to open the door for me? OF COURSE NOT! Instead, she smiled at me as I approached the door and then turned and walked in the opposite direction! As I reached for the door with my FREE HAND, I just sighed, since I was unable to shrug my shoulders from the load I was carrying.

Some of you may be shocked that someone would not offer to help, but this has actually happened to me on several occasions. The one time it caught me off guard was when I attended Church by myself one night when Miguel was in school. Now, when you have 5 little kids you have to be creative in how you get them all from point A to point B, without leaving anyone by themselves. So I unloaded the boys, grabbed the diaper bag and picked up all 3 car seats(something I used to do frequently) and headed for the door. As we were walking, a man came along the side of us and began asking questions...."wow, that's a lot of kids, are they all yours?"......I continued to amuse him with my circus act as the walk was pretty far from the door. 10 questions later I began to see the situation as strikingly odd. Here I am at 5'1 carrying over 100 lbs of babies and gear walking next to a man at 6 ft and nearly 200 lbs and do you think that he offered to carry ANYTHING for me? NOPE! Just kept on walkin and talkin. Ugh! So we finally reach the door where he held it open for me, to which at that point I thought "don't bother asshole".....but quickly realized that going to church with that kind of attitude wasn't a very good idea. Instead I smiled, thanked him and prayed...."Lord please bless him.....and not with triplets ;)

On my birthday at Red Robin's with Jadon~

He couldn't get enough of Robin and kept asking where "Big Bird" was. Now if your wondering why I have my 3 year old in jammies at a restaurant, it's because he threw up on him self on the flight down and when I searched threw the suitcase for the extra pair of jeans I packed for him, I suddenly realized that his very structured brother whom has to have his favorite jeans, removed them from the pile of "things to be packed"..... Thankfully, there was a Soldier heading back to Iraq sitting next to me whom had just flown up to Alaska with his 2 year old daughter and was very understanding and even offered to hold Bryce for me. So, as I placed my infant in this strangers arms, I thought, if he can save the lives of our men and women, my sons life is safe with him as we go in for landing.....then I reached over with the stupid little popcorn sized bag to help my projectile vomiting 3 yr old as we landed.

Monkey eating my birthday sundae~

My baby boys first time seeing the Ocean~
"whatsit mama, whatsit mama? The Ocean??
~now if only we could all have the appreciation of a child's heart!

I love this little man, he was SO excited!~

My boys and I~

The frozen waterfalls~

My Brycee baby~

He's such a mama's boy!~

Not bad for 30,000 feet~
Isn't this beautiful? I absoultly love Alaska and although 40 below weather can be miserable and make anyone in their right mind want to move, there is just something about it that makes us crazy Alaskans call it home.