Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Deck

In my opinion, having a deck in Alaska is a must! It's a true necessity and an extender to our very short summer season. As you can see in the background we still have massive amounts of snow still melting from winter. But because of our deck we are able to enjoy being outdoors where the kids can play while we grill and relax. We spend nearly every day outdoors.

Bryce's first bubble experience~
The three things I hear all day long is "bow bubbas mama, bow mow bubbas"..... "wanna wide wed nomacine mama, wanna wide daddy's wed nowmacine!"(red snowmachine)......weddo wide, wanna wide weddo wide wit daddy mama!"(yellow 4 wheeler).....ALL DAY LONG!!! When Miguel comes home for lunch or after work they yell at him "Poo Poo Potty Daddy!!!!" the moment he walks in the door, then it's on to the ridding the toys and hounding him about it, just as they do to me.

Last ride of the season, putting the sleds away. Now all we hear is "when dars gween gwass wide detski"....I think were going to sell all the toys....

Jadon being a typical boy always thinking of crazy things to try. He is constantly covered in cuts and bruises, already has holes in his jeans at the age of 3 and thinks farts are funny.....hmmm, a lot like someone else I know, only there's 29 years between them...
Look at the bruiser he's got right smack in the middle of his forehead. It lasted him a week and I still don't know where he got it from~
Jace in his favorite shirt that he insists on wearing every day! I've learned to pick my battles, and this ISN'T one of them!~ Bryce who is usually amused by pretty much everything!~
The kids~
Such serious faces~
Bubble fun~
A couple of randoms of our starting 5~

Jammie time.....one of our favorite times of the day :)~


Mary Camacho said...

They are all so precious; god bless them all! They are so much fun at this age, both the boys and the trio! Take care hun! Mary