Monday, April 13, 2009

Arctic Man 2009

For those of you who don't know what Arctic Man is, it's an event that happens every year in Alaska in April. The event becomes the 3rd largest city in Alaska for one week, where about 15,000 people gather for snowmachining, snowboarding, skiing, snow cross, races and 1 huge party! There is nothing like it! Next year we are hoping to start bringing the kids.

Front row seating, waiting for Snow-cross to start~

A little to much partyin last night boys? -Ryan and Miguel patiently sleeping, I mean waiting for the races to start~

Snow-cross this going to be our boys in about 5 years?? The babies on their little 50cc stinkin cute!~

Need a ride? Pick a ride, any ride!~

Miguel & Ayana~ Who knew you could
buy the best Smoothie ever in the middle of nowhere?~
Even the Easter bunnies love Arctic Man!~ There is a bus that runs through the camp grounds to help prevent "drinking and riding"

Who ever said Sleds can't fly?!~